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Monday, 26 October 2009

Childrens' ecology session this Saturday

This Saturday afternoon, 31 October, volunteer Lesley Humphries will be running her latest childrens' ecology activity session. The children will be investigating the wildlife habitats that have been built around the trackbed, and other activities. The event will have an autumn/Halloween theme!

Please let Lesley know if you'd like to attend this event.

If you'd rather take part in other volunteer activity this Saturday, between 9am and 4pm our volunteers will be clearing the trackbed around the Wood Lane bridge. Please e-mail Steve Cramp if you'd like to join in.

Your support with both of these initiatives would be much appreciated. Many thanks.

Monday, 19 October 2009

Radio 5 coverage

If any of you were up early, or late, depending on how you look at it, on Sunday morning, you may have heard the BBC Radio 5 Live "Up All Night" interview with Steve Cramp (the volunteer who coordinates the Mountsorrel Railway website).

The interview ran for 22 minutes which almost makes it a programme in its own right about the project! Normally TV and radio interviews rarely last longer than a couple of minutes, so this is really good coverage.

You can catch the interview on the BBC website by clicking here.

Friday, 2 October 2009

Second Mountsorrel Granite wagon restoration progresses at a rapid pace

It is only three weeks since restoration on the second Mountsorrel Granite Company liveried wagon started, but progress has been nothing short of remarkable!

Second wagon prior to restoration

Second wagon only three weeks later
A combination of improved methods based on what we learnt from the first wagon, increased volunteer activity, and the luxury of being able to work on the wagon in the dry environment of the carriage shed opposed to outside in the rain, are the reasons for the improved pace of the restoration.

Although the second wagon is a three plank as opposed to the first which was a five plank, the work required on this wagon has been almost the same as the first. Again, we have had to replace the entire floor and some of the end planks. As with the first wagon, the decision was taken to replace the floor with hardwood planks because of their extended life span opposed to softwood. The intention to use the restored wagons in historical recreations involving local school children, means that the floors must be in excellent condition.

As with the first wagon the entire frames have had to be de-rusted and repainted. This can be a messy job as space between the frames is restricted.

The existing planks that can be reused have been carefully repaired to ensure extended life.

At present the painting of the frames is almost complete. The new end planks have been painted and fitted. The rest of the sides have been primered, undercoated and top coat glossing is almost complete. New timbers for the floor have been cut and painted and are almost ready for fitting.

It took five months to restore the first wagon but we expect the second to be ready for the signwriter's attention in around two weeks time! If you are coming to the Great Central Railway Gala on October 10th/11th, then as well as seeing the completed first wagon on display at Quorn, you should also be able to view the second wagon at Rothley shed. Please come and say hello.

If you would like to get involved with restoring the second wagon, or helping out with the third, then please get in touch with Steve Cramp. We have volunteer sessions on Saturdays, Tuesday evenings and occasional Sundays and weekdays, so we should be able to find a time to suit you. Funds are still required for the restoration of the third wagon so if you would like to donate, please download our donation form or contact George Overton.
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