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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Track Laying Reaches Nunckley Hill

The project reached another major milestone when on November 17th community volunteers laid track into the base of the old Nunckley Hill quarry and to within sight of the bridge at Wood Lane!

Almost all of the 1300m of track we have laid so far has been away from publicly accessible areas, so to come within sight of the bridge where the public can now see the great work that the community is doing to preserve our local heritage, has really given the volunteers working on the project a major boost.

In early December track laying should pass through the bridge itself and back into Mountsorrel!

The Youtube link below shows a ride up the line to Nunckley Hill. 

Track laying is very labour intensive and we need additional volunteers to help with this process if we are to reach the end of the line by early March next year. If you are reasonably able bodied and can spare the occasional Saturday morning, we would very much like to hear from you by email

We need your help!

Caterpillar and Aggregate Industries Help the Mountsorrel Railway

Two large Leicestershire employers have been helping the Mountsorrel Railway by encouraging their staff to volunteer in the community.

Aggregate Industries who operate Bardon quarry at Coalville, have sent teams to up to 15 volunteers on three occasions since the summer.
Aggregate Industires staff volunteer at the Mountsorrel Railway

Caterpillar, who have a plant at Desford, sent 20 volunteers to the Mountsorrel Railway on four consecutive days in November.

Caterpillar staff volunteer at the Mountsorrel Railway

Both companies staff were able to help with a variety of tasks including track laying. Mountsorrel Railway Project Leader Steve Cramp commented "We had hoped to complete track laying to Mountsorrel by the end of February next year, but delays in rail delivery meant that this date had slipped back to the end of March/early April. The help we have received from Aggregate Industries and Caterpillar has quite literally put us back on track!".  

The Mountsorrel Railway volunteers would like to say a massive thanks to Aggregate Industries and Caterpillar for their help. If your company or the company you work for encourages its staff to volunteer in the community, please get in touch via email There are many different ways you could help us and your help would be very welcome indeed!

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