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Thursday, 20 October 2011

NatWest - nearly your last chance to vote!

The Mountsorrel Railway is no longer coming first in the NatWest online poll to win £6,000. Another project has overtaken us. So there's a danger we're not going to receive the money, which would be vital for making further progress with completing the railway.

Voting closes this Monday midday. Please vote here:

If you want to be convinced further about whether to vote, Kev, the dad of Tom, one of our volunteers, wrote an incredible email about it, requesting the support of his colleagues and friends. If you have time please do something similar so that those receiving the email know what we are about and trying to achieve.

Here is Kev's email:
Please can I ask for a few minutes of your time today, either now or during a break-time… :) My son Tom (14yr) has been a volunteer for the past 18 months (he gives up every Saturday and when called upon or needs must, week nights too, instead of sitting on his PS3... :) on restoration of the “Mountsorrel Railway Branch Line…”. A small group of community volunteers are heading this project and are fund raising all by their own means/time and determination….. Once complete the branch line will be part of the famous “ Loughborough – Leicester steam railway”.. which is also known for being in the film “Buster” played by Phil Collins and not so long ago “TOP GEAR” the railway challenge but to name a few…… As you all know fund raising or getting any form of volunteer is a hard task… Tom has got so much out of the project. He has learnt skills and had opportunities that there is rarely a chance for young people to experience these days. On the few occasions I have visited the project myself I have found the community spirit, determination a camaraderie between the volunteers almost moving. It is remarkable what they have managed to achieve week after week. So…

This good heritage restoration group have entered a NATWEST competition to get a £6k grant… as you can see by the below they are currently in the lead to get this grant… to make sure they do get it we are all doing everything possible to help…. Please Volunteer 2/3 mins of your time today and VOTE for them, it would mean a great deal to all and also to Tom too...
OH yeah… please pass this on to as many contacts in your email address book as possible that you feel would volunteer 2/3 mins of their time for a fantastic project that our children and next generations will enjoy... 
Oh Yeah Again…. If any of you have spare time and do fancy getting involved and want to say that you helped build this section of the railway please get in contact with

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

NatWest competition update - please vote!

Thanks to many votes from our supporters, we're in an impressive leading position to claim one of the £6,000 NatWest CommunityForce grants. But if votes don't keep coming in we might miss out. Please vote by following the instructions below, especially if you've tried to vote beforehand and had problems with the process.

 NatWest have devised a voting process that ensures fairness by asking voters to register their email address first. If you have been trying to vote for us but without success please follow these simply instructions. Please note that at times the NatWest website can be very slow. Do be patient.

First register your email address at the following link:

You will receive a confirmation email with a link you have to click on to confirm your registration.

You can then login using the details you have just entered at the following link:

Once logged in, go to the NatWest Mountsorrel Railway page:

Click on the check box to confirm the terms and conditions and then vote for us. Please make sure the vote count goes up by one to ensure your vote has been counted.

The prize money would go towards the £25,000 currently being raised for rail and sleepers to extend the branch to almost a mile long, nearly all the way to Mountsorrel. Winning the £6,000 would make a huge contribution. But we need as many people as possible to vote for us, so please don’t wait, and place your vote now! And please get as many friends and family to also vote for our project. Thank you.
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