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Friday, 26 June 2015

Stone Mason's Huts Restoration Online Vote

As detailed in our last post. We are hoping to secure a grant of £5000 to recreate 3 stone mason's huts. These were once common at Mountsorrel quarry but none survive. The restored huts would be used for stone dressing demonstrations on select days.

Voting has been busy and with only 3 days to go until voting closes on Monday lunchtime June 29th, we are currently in 10th place, the top 15 places all receive a £5000 grant.

However, only a handful of votes separates the final few places, so we really do need you to vote for us as we approach the finish line. Click on the link below to see our page, register your email address and look out for the confirmation email which you need to reply to, beaware that this might go ito your spam folder. Once registered click on the link below again and you should be able to vote.

There have been technical hitches which have now been corrected so if you have tried to vote and been unsuccessful, please try again. Your vote really will make the difference between whether we secure the grant or not. Please help!

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Online Funding Vote

The project has been shortlisted for a funding award of £5000 to help volunteers construct the replica Stone Mason's huts at the new heritage centre site.

Around 100 years ago the old Mountsorrel quarry had hundreds of these huts around the outside of the quarry. A stone mason worked in each hut with his hammer and chisel all day long, working the stone to create road side kerbs, setts (road cobbles) and dressed building stone.

Our aim is to recreate three of these huts in the historic quarry recreation area alongside the new heritage centre. Volunteers intend to undertake all of the building work with the grant covering material costs.

On select days each year it is hoped to bring in a stone mason to give demonstrations to visitors of how the granite would have been worked at Mountsorrel all those years ago.  

The grant award will be decided based on an online public vote. Please give us your support and spare a couple of minutes to vote at the following link.…/mountsorrel-railway-pro…/

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