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Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Trackbed preparation work commences

Saturday November 8th saw the commencement of stump removal and trackbed preparation work courtesy of J. McCann (Nottingham) Ltd, who are undertaking the work at no cost to the project. We are extremely grateful to them for providing this donation.

Progress was swift with over half of the remaining stumps being removed. J. McCann will be back again this coming Saturday to complete the work which will see the entire length of the trackbed cleared and ready for detailed surveying.

McCann will also be further assisting the project by lifting the missing capping stone back onto the Wood Lane bridge for us this coming Saturday. The missing stone was featured by DJ Ben Jackson on his recent Radio Leicester breakfast show recently.

The bridge has been repaired by volunteers and is now ready to receive the one tonne, hand carved granite stone, which was dislodged from the bridge around 10 years ago and now lies on the trackbed underneath.

The architecture of the granite bridge is very elegant and the missing stone has generated much local interest. In order to prevent crowds gathering to watch the lift and in the interest of public safety, the exact time of the lift must remain confidential. A full update will follow next week.

Thanks for your support

McCann at work

Nunckley Hill towards GCR

Long straight towards GCR

Missing capping stone

What the other side of the bridge will look like

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