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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Double Success for the Mountsorrel Railway Project

On the evening of Thursday 27th June the Mountsorrel Railway Project achieved simultaneous funding and award successes.

At Mountsorrel Methodist Church we competed against ten other local good causes for a slice of £15,000 of funding that was available from the Leicestershire County Council Community Forum that covers the area through which the branch line runs. One of the projects dropped out before the evening and three others unfortunately left empty-handed. The prize winners were decided by a public vote and the Mountsorrel Railway Project came away with an allocation of £3,316 to go towards the cost of the proposed Bond Lane Halt.

Meanwhile, on the same evening, a few miles away at the Burleigh Court Hotel in Loughborough, two project volunteers, Lianne Holden and Sue Cramp, represented the project at Charnwood Borough Council’s ‘Don’t Muck Around’  environmental awards, for which we had been nominated in the ‘Inspiring Others’ category. The category was again decided by a public vote, organised through the Loughborough Echo.  However, our nomination had originally been mislaid so we were always playing ‘catch up’ in the voting and we were distinctly pessimistic about our prospects.  Therefore, it came as a bolt from the blue when it was announced that we had won the category and, apparently, by some margin!

The most encouraging factor about both of these successes is that, in both cases, they resulted not from the opinion of an ‘expert panel’, but from the votes of the general public and our dedicated supporters.

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