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Monday, 22 September 2014

Mountsorrel Station Build Progress

Contractors and volunteers are making good progress with the station build at Mountsorrel.

The granite stone parapet wall at the end of the bridge has been rebuilt. Those of you who have followed the project for a while may remember our early endeavours to restore the bridge wall back in 2011? Sadly after much hard work the torrential weather of summer 2012 led to a torrent of water undermining the new wall foundations and the rebuilt section of wall had to be taken down.

Volunteers restoring the original wall in 2011.
The new wall as been built with the inclusion of drainage pipes in the foundations, so the wall should be able to with stand extreme weather we saw in 2012.
Contractors Steve Barsby and Jim Taylor work on the new wall.

The finished wall looks fantastic.

New gates have been installed to provide access to the station car park (left gate) and access to the field for the farmer (right gate) as the original field entrance had been lost due to the development.

Volunteers have repaired the dry stone walls either side of the new gates.

Good progress is being made on the access path that will bring visitors down from the car park to the station platform. The path will be fully disability friendly with hand rails along each side.

Work on the platform has also started. The foundations have been cast...

...and contractor Neil Birch has made a start on the block work for the platform and Nigel Copson has been laying new track drainage in the base of the cutting.

The platform will be 50m long and 2m wide, with the addition of 4m long ramps at either end.

Work will continue to progress over the coming weeks.

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