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Monday, 21 January 2013

Track Laying in the Snow!

Not to be deterred by the snow falls of last week, dedicated Mountsorrel Railway volunteers were hard at work track laying!

Whilst most of us were struggling to get out of our own front doors, we were fortunate to have a volunteer travel all the way from Paris just to help restore the Mountsorrel Railway!

Kevin Williams, who is British born but has lived just outside Paris for the past 20 years, travelled by Eurostar on Friday afternoon arriving at the Mountsorrel guest house where he was staying, only 15 minutes later than planned. He then spent the day volunteering at the railway on the Saturday before travelling home from Loughborough station later on Saturday afternoon.

Kevin Williams from Paris (on the left), helps to attach fish plates to join the rails.
Kevin commented "I had read about how community volunteers had been working to restore the Mountsorrel Railway line and felt compelled by their hard work and dedication to come over and help out myself. I wasn't disappointed either! It is an amazing project and it was so good to see people of all ages coming together, even in snowy weather, to work on something that has become valued by so many. I'll be coming back as well, in about 4 or 5 weeks time to help again!"

We are very grateful for Kevin's help and honoured that he was prepared to travel all the way from Paris just to help Mountsorrel restore its railway.

The Bond Lane bridge in the distance marks the end of the line.

With the end of the line now only 250m away there really isn't long left if you would like to get involved and volunteer yourself. Track laying requires a large number of volunteers so we need your help! If Kevin has inspired you to get involved please email project leader Steve Cramp for further details. 

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