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Monday, 21 January 2013

Wildlife Warriors Brave the Snow

Despite the heavy snow that came to the Mountsorrel Railway last week, our latest Wildlife Warriors session was one of the few local events which still took place as planned.

The snow turned the Nunckley Trail into a Winter Wonderland and the children had great fun following the bird hunt and then making bird feeders. By the end of the session a great number of our feathered friends were waiting in the branches of the trees to tuck into the treats the children had created for them.

Thanks goes to the News Agents on Leicester Road, Mountsorrel (next to the post office) who very kindly sponsored the event by providing juice, biscuits and cake for the children to enjoy.

Many thanks to Caroline Bowler for leading another successful Wildlife Warriors session! The next Warriors session will be on Saturday February 23rd. Excitingly the children will be able to undertake a mini archaeological dig of the old Dob Hall ruins, which stand alongside the Nunckley Trail. Don't forget to bring your brush and trowel!

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